Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

How long is a session?

Each counselling therapy session is typically 60 minutes long, however longer sessions are sometimes necessary (e.g. for couples/marriage counselling) and available upon request. Give us a call or talk to one of our therapists directly.

Are your services covered by my employer benefits/extended insurance plan?

Yes. Our services are covered by many employer benefits and extended insurance plans.
Check your individual policy to see what coverage you have for Registered
Psychologists, Registered Psychotherapists and/or Clinical Counsellors and reach out to
us to see if the services provided by one of our team members are covered by your plan.

What are your session fees?

We operate on a sliding scale, with our fees starting at $160/session at the lowest end, up to $250/session at the highest end. Check our Online Bookings page for a detailed breakdown of services and associated fees. Where you would fall in that range depends on what type of counselling you are seeking (individual or couples/marriage), whether it will be in-person or online (video or telephone counselling), etc. Please take comfort in the fact that if you use up your insurance, or you do not have extended insurance benefits, we are flexible in the fees we are able to offer based on your individual needs. Our goal is to help you within your personal and financial comfort zone.

What should I expect from my first session?

A lot, actually! Our approach is to provide you with value from the moment you walk in for your first session. Therapy is collaborative, and we look to you to set the pace and explain in your own words what your issues and goals are. If you're not sure, your therapist can help you figure out where to start and what the priority is for you, along with understanding how much you want to talk without going too deep right away. We do a lot of listening, and ask a lot of questions in your first session, but you will leave with concrete feedback, tips and advice, and plan for what your future counselling sessions will focus on.

When will I feel better? How many sessions will I need?

Change can happen after as little as your first session with us, because we provide you with active coping skills, tools, and strategies such as deep breathing exercises, progressive self-relaxation training, mindfulness, or homework exercises that can actually create lasting change straight away. Deeper and long-standing patterns of behaviour, habits, or personality issues will likely take a bit longer to change. The average number of sessions is 8-10 for most, however some of our clients have enjoyed maintaining their emotional health with us for years!

Who will be my therapist?

Fit between an individual/couple and their therapist is the most important factor toward successful therapy and long term positive change. Building a trusting and supportive relationship with you is our top priority. We customize our approach by carefully matching you with the right therapist here at NKS, based on the issues you want to work on, and the expertise and availability of our therapists. If for any reason you do not feel your therapist is the right "fit", you can always let us know and we will transition you to another one of our team members.

How do I book my first session?

There are 3 ways to book a session: 1. Book online using our real-time online booking page via the "Book Online" buttons or links; 2. Give us a call at 416-745-4745; or 3. Fill out a contact form on our website and submit with your information.

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